Let your smile brings happiness to others.

Worth of Loving

Love lingers around. It comes to you unexpectedly. When a person drowned on its own spell. So hard to get over it. Hence,  loving someone give you the fulfillment of being human. It completes you. Let you feel your worth.


Look back

I almost drown. I almost get myself back when everything is still splashing colors. And now, the reality of present tells me “Wake up! You are happier now than your yesterdays. And your tomorrows will fulfills everything.



Sight Seeing

Sometimes you have to look so far. And seek for a thing that will make you realize that sometimes, everything is ironic. This will push you to move forward even the road is full of bumps. Look at the tall grasses, they just dance with the wind. No matter how the strong wind do to them, they keep their root hold on tight.
Be tight. 🙂

What Matter Most

This is all about the days or years you’ve been shared to one another. This is how you cherished everything, the smiles and tears. Problems, hatred and misunderstanding comes along the way but the love you have for each other will forever stay. Even the drastic storm cannot untie the rope. A strong knot which we made 2 years ago. LOVE YOU my friends.


Seems everybody had the right to hurt their fellow.
It brings so much pain when everybody hurt you at your back.
And it totally crash you, and you do not know how will you put it back.
It will never be return as one of the pieces of the puzzle was lost.


If everyone believe in you.They will be the one to tell you that you can.Because at the end, their voices will be the boss of all the bosses. Following the rules of all rules. Hearing their wants and needs. Lead with heart.

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